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Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy

Personal insurance

Third party liability*

Collision damage waiver*

Fire protection*

Theft protection*

Vat* (local taxes)

Full 24 hour service*

All internet bookings include unlimited kilometers, 24% VAT, full insurance. No deposits, no hidden extras and no excess charges. We also offer delivery and collection service.


  • All our cars are properly insured.
  • Policy excess (standard practice by all rental companies (worldwide))
  • Listed below for all car groups. (In the event of an accident)
  • Groups A, A1, B An excess of 550 Euro
  • Groups B1, B2 C, An excess of 600 Euro
  • Groups C1, C 2, C3, I, D, D1, E, F, 4X4 J, K VAN an excess of 650Euro

Incidents of small/large damage

Incidents of small/large damage made to the Smart Car vehicle in an accident or by the driver that accrue accidentally must be reported to the main office straight away, if it is neglected by the driver and not reported to Smart Car Hire. Then it will be the driver’s responsibility to pay for the full damage caused to the vehicle.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W), (F.P, (T.P), (P.I)

Important Terms and conditions will vary depending on your chosen car group. It is required that you agree to these terms and conditions before your reservation can be finalized.These terms and conditions will be sent via email after your initial enquiry.

(T.P.L) – (F.P.C) – (P.A.I) – (T.P.C) – (C.D.W)

  1. Third party liability insurance. All authorized drivers of smart car hire vehicles are covered against liability to third parties for death, injury or damage to property
  2. Fire protection Coverage (F.P.C). All authorized drivers of smart car hire vehicles are covered against fire to the vehicle
  3. Personal accident Insurance PAI) protects you in event of death and total or partial disability for duration of the rental. Passengers are covered for medical expences
  4. Theft protection coverage (TPC) relieves the renter from almost all financial loss of or damage to the smart car hire vehicle by or following theft attempt theft or vandalism but does not cover loss of personal contents .If you decide to decline TPC you will be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the smart car hire vehicle. TPC .has a standard deductible of 450 Euro for all categories. TPC does not cover personal items
  5. Collision damage waiver (CDW) The driver can limit his/her responsibility for their share of any damage during the rental period .A residual non-waiver amount will be applied in event of damage to the rented responsible for the non-waiver excess of up to the amount 550Euro for categories A and B 600Euro. B1, C. 650Euro for categories D, D1, E, F and  for categories 4×4 J,K Van P and I category van 1 lx and lx1 collision damage waiver will apply provided the renter is listed on the smart car hire contract.

Regardless of weather the renter has confirmed acceptance of CDW the renter is liable for any damage of tires, wheels, windows and undercarriage of the car ,as well as any damage made during ship/ferry transportation if you decline the provided insurance coverage, you will be totally responsible for damage to the smart car vehicle… In the case you decline the CDW that smart car hire offers you in order to use the coverage that your credit card policy offers you, please consider the facts below. Even if the renter is fully covered by His/Her credit card the renter will still have to pay smart car hire all costs in curried for repairs or replacements. The renter can then make further claims to recover any of those costs from his/her credit card provider.

May we suggest that you contact your credit card provider (visa & MasterCard) and request details of coverage with the use of a credit card, you may also request written verification of specific coverage your credit card will provide what they involve also very important is to ask if additional drivers are covered in the policy

Credit card coverage

  • Some credit cards only offer coverage for certain car categories and type
  • Some credit cards only cover rentals of a certain length of time
  • Most will file the claim with your personal insurance company before reimbursing you for your deductible personal record and premium
  • Credit card coverage requires you to pay the repair bills yourself and to submit your documents within a specified time or period.
  • Some will not cover rentals if the location is abroad outside the country of which the credit card was issued.

The company will not be held responsible for anyone under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs. The causing of wilful damage off road driving without care and attention.

Or damage caused by negligence all unannounced accident or damage made to vehicle may be interpreted as negligence. All clients will accept direct responsibility in such claims. This will result in a charge to the client. No insurance covers behaviour viewed as being wilful or reckless. Wheels, tires, underside of car, glass, Antenna, car lock, loss of car key, windshield Wipers, glass mirrors, Internal Upholstery. Damage caused by Luggage, Damage due to negligence, fuel errors will not be covered under the terms and conditions of smart car hire insurance.